Sanajit Mandal : Baul Samrat


About Sanajit

Oh! For that legendary Sanajit Mandal,an unknown Bengali Christian couple Mr.Samiel Mandal and Snehalata Mandal, so an unknown and unheralded hamlet named Maliapota of Nadia District in West Bengal became unknown to the world from the Eighties and Nineties of the previous century.

Sanajit witnessed the first light in the earth on 21st May, 1951. He enjoyed his childhood in a through religious and scenic atmosphere of his native village. An acute social and financial problems on one hand and the large green paddy field, fresh air field with chirping of bird, the smell of the earth etcetra on the other provided Sanajit the required ingredients and ammunition to form a tough as well as creative character which was primarily responsible for his laying a strong unfallible base in his childhood itself.

So when Sanajit left for Kolkata at the tender of twelve years in the year 1963, he became almost shelterless, but had not lost his composure altogether. He got some help from his ever loving uncle Dr.Satyen Mondal and from Panchanan Adak. The stalkily built Sanajit emerged as a fine welder and fitter personality.

But nevertheless, he never had lost the path of music any longer. On the contrary he would train himself almost regularly while working. He got the musical stints from none other than Purnadas Baul, Hemango Biswas, Dinendra Choudhury. As he is a born genius he did not have to wait for long to get a name in the musical world especially in Baul. With the help of elder sister-like Usha Uthup he made a major stride in West Bengal as a successful Baul Artiste; but not before his serious perseveranee in Baul ,Bhatially Bhawaia,Jaari,saari, Chatka, Alkap, Gambhira and so on.The phenomenal success chart after this is really enviable.
When his first Gramaphone record was released in 1983 he was then just on young person of 32years. After that Sanajit have not looked back:- Kolkatar meye (1985), Majhratey Gharer Darjaai (1986), Ami boupagla (1987), Duniyata Noire Beiman (1990), Chhata Dosh (1993), Tak Duma Dum (1994), Orey O Rangila Naiya (1995), Lalan Geeti (1996), Dhakar Mayia (1996), Daily Passenger (1997), Mother Teressa (1997), Bandhu Amar Rasia (1998), Ami Cheeree Chhidam Mudi (1998), Tumi Nacho Sundari (1999), Manab Trata Jesu (1999), O Bangali babu (2000), Amaar Shashoor Bajaai Dhol (2001), Indur Kaley Biral Porechhe (2002), Bazarey Nei Telapia (2003), Baul Raja (2004), Sabdhan Nada (2005), Tyala Shwashur Badi Jay (2006),Sonar Beena (2007), Goriber Bhagaban (2008), Monta Aamar Rajar Raja (2009):-all hits!


Since Nineties awards have been pouring in on Sanajit. To name a few-‘Baul’ in 1997 , Promotesh Barua and Uttam Kumar awards in 1998, The Don Bosco “Nitika award” in 1999 Chhandey Bibeler Kahini and Manabrata Jesu. On 21st April, 2000 he was awarded Sara Bharat Sahitya award.

Sanajit has inherited a sweet orthodox musical legacy and through rigorous practice has sharpened his melodius and loud voice. His versatility in music catches the music loving people of West Bengal as well as some people outside (West Bengal) and even the connoisseurs of Folk songs abroad. His Creative faculty makes man’s life sweeter, fresher, optimistic, broad and graceful. Sanajit is a musician par excellence.




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